I’m an visualisation artist, photographer and trainer with 23 years professional experience working across a wide range of environments.

A digital native, My career took off in 1995 where I was instrumental in developing public awareness about a new and exciting technology known as the World Wide Web.  From this springboard, I went on to work in WebPrintInteractive media (UI Design), 3D Modelling and Studio photography. Over the course of this evolution, I moved my focus from that of practitioner to that of educator. 

I am extremely nimble, digitally, and able to move between workflows and platforms with great ease. My work as practitioner across many chapters of the digital evolution has helped me become a rapid and effective problem solver with the ability to laterally find solutions to technical, strategic and artistic challenges.

Raised in London and New York as a British (English) native, I am also an advanced Spanish speaker. My teaching style includes student-led learning, role play and the arts. I am a university graduate with a CertTESOL certificate and a BA Hons in fine art.