Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.

Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.


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Student Work

Student Work



This short film was the first film produced by a small group of students in year 11 at the London Academy, Casablanca. These students began this project with very limited visual or technical experience, yet with small guidelines and directions, were able to produce this impressive short film with some dynamic and surprising cinematography.

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Funtabulous Friday

When introducing the London Academy to the early concept of film making, Sophia in year 5 (Age 10) took the reins and made this lovely observational piece.

I am very struck by the power of film, not only as a medium to give voice to the author, but also to see how the world responds to them as they wander through the world as film makers.


Looking into the Family Album

In collaboration with the Jerwood exhibition Family Politics, curated by Photoworks, where students dissected images and ideas through group and individual activities and discussion. Alex Buckley, Marysa Dowling and I facilitated sessions where the students created a series of Living Paintings which were finally displayed on a stunning Lightbox display in Jubilee Square, Brighton as part of the Photofest Festival.

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The Old Market

In collaboration with the Hofesh Shechter Nomad Land project, students and I worked with dancers Julian and Sol to create this wonderful little film about mens relationships and the experience of time as we pass through life.

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Living Paintings

As part of the Brighton Academy Family Photo Fest I set up a green screen and some studio lights and a composition station where students could learn about composition whilst dressing up in vintage wardrobe.

This project was a collaboration with The Keep, who provided historical photographs of local environments and costumes were provided by Gladrags Community Costume Resource.

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Whats in a Name?

We worked with Harriet Rose Lambert, Micheal & Max Munday to create this wonderful little film about mens relationships.

Click here to read (and see) Micheal Mundays telling of this tale.

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Lemon Life

This is the tragic story of, well, a lemon and his desire to get to get accepted to college. This film was part of a wonderful activity - The one minute film, shot in camera, in one hour.


Movie Trailer : Elephants

Movie Trailers are a great and fun way to get students started on film making. By using iMovie on IOS, students can dive into the basics of cinematography and learn shot types and collaboration skills.

This trip to the elephant rescue sanctuary in Chiang Mai was a wonderful day out and they students created a wonderful document.