Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.

Portrait of “Mr James” by Layan.


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Barbara Ouharda BEd (Hons): Principal, London Academy, Casablanca

I had the very great pleasure of working with James Casey at the London Academy Casablanca, Morocco during the school year 2018 to 2019. He was there working as both the Primary School Art teacher and the Media Studies teacher for years 7 to 13. My position was the Headteacher at London Academy Casablanca.

It was not an easy task taking on two quite different roles across the two different age levels but James managed it well. He maintained a bustling and exciting art room alongside an energetic Media Studies room.

Whenever I think about James several words come into my mind, energetic, enthusiastic, kind, caring, empathetic and willing.

Energetic and enthusiastic. James began each and every day with a smile on his face and greeting everyone. This continued throughout the school day. He never let everyday problems interfere with how he interacted with students.

Kind, caring and empathetic. Every establishment needs these qualities and James surely demonstrates them every day. In a school the majority of students are able to deal with life. They have friends, confidence and are comfortable sharing their talents. James always managed to bring out the best in these students. Then there are those students who, for whatever reason, are not able to shine or make friends. James has a very caring way of identifying those students and then, with gentle support, he makes them shine using their own capabilities.

In the art room, or when he took art classes to the classroom, there was always an exciting buzz. Children were eager to show what Mr. James had been working on.

In the Media Studies room there was a different feeling. The students had until then only been consumers of film and never producers. James asked for one minute films. From that simple demand students went on to film, edit, produce, direct and eventually show some really good pieces of film.

While they had been busy doing this work the students were involved in working as a team, decision making, negotiation, developing storyboards and solving problems. James had them successfully using the life skills necessary for later use in a workforce.

The final word I used in describing James was willing. No matter what was asked of James he was always willing to help. If he needed to be a substitute for another teacher he did so willingly. When we had school shows James willingly took on the hard work of collaborating with the music teacher and others to produce shows.

I would wholeheartedly recommend James as a member of your workforce.

Sandy Crawford : Head of Media Studies, Hampstead School

James came back to give advice and guidance to the ICT department and to support students completing their ICT coursework. His support was invaluable and he was a cooperative and friendly member of the team for a short period. He was invited back into school again to work as a consultant in the Media department and he has given support and guidance to a new member of staff on the use and application of Photoshop and other programs (and the program in general), employed to act as her mentor as she learnt the new software application in her role of Media teacher. This he did well, allowing her to progress in her understanding and eventually to teach the programme itself to the students. He also gave advice on the use of PowerPoint in A level Media blogs.

James has also been an invaluable volunteer at Hampstead School since June 2011. His specific role has been to support students in the use of more complex design skills as they complete their GCSE Media magazine pages. He has worked alongside the teacher in ensuring that students understand key elements of the programme and can achieve their creative and ICT potential in the subject. He has been delightful to work with. His advice has been shared by three departments, including our ICT technical team. I am pleased that he wishes to continue this type of role and can recommend him to you should you be wishing him to take up a role in your organisation.

الاستاذة نادية

الفاضل الأستاذ جمس وفقك الله

-يشرفني أن أتقدم بهذه الكلمات في حق الأستاذ جمس، على مجهودته القيمة ،وذلك تقديرا لعطائه الدائم والمستمر في سبيل التقدم بالمؤسسة والسير بها نحو الأفضل، هو استاذ يمتاز بحبه الكبير للتلاميذ ،وطريقته الرائعة في إلقاء الدرس التي تجدب انتباه الطلاب ،وتزرع الإبتسامة في وجوههم، يتقن فن الإستماع للتلاميذ مما يجعله محبوبا لديهم، يحب العمل مع الجماعة وبروح الفريق ،ويقدر المسؤولية ،يتمتع بروح الدعابة بشوش ،خلوق

أتمنى لك مسيرة موفقة

Christina Santos : Primary School Teacher

Mr. James! Felt sad that you left the school. Your presence brings positive energy (zip zap zoom) not just in each every classroom but in working environment well. You also contributed innovative ideas in art, I'm amazed & delighted to witness your outputs of your hardwork. You shared to me that you're finding another path, wish you all the best on your journey.

Justin Chubb : Home Education Parent

James has been tutoring my son for the past six months and I would have no hesitation in recommending him wholeheartedly. He has always shown great enthusiasm, a breadth of interesting and informative knowledge across a range of creative and technological topics, and has been prompt, committed and encouraging in guiding my son’s learning throughout. If you are looking for someone with energy, good humour and a flexible attitude, with a background of experience across many platforms, I would highly recommend him.

Trevor Flood & Sue O´Boyle : Home Education Parent

James has tutored our children (aged 8 & 13) in both IT and Spanish. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious and this shows in the engagement with which the children take part in the lessons. James is imaginative in his lesson plans and I have seen examples such as a Stop-Start animation in Spanish starring Darth Vader at the Antarctic Exploration and Survey Centre (don’t ask) and the children building their own websites, again in Spanish. The lesson with the older child is more formal as she hopes to sit her GSCE next year after a year of tutoring whilst the lesson with the younger child is only limited by their (James’ and my son’s) imagination. He is courteous, reliable and also believes that learning should be fun and he brings that sense of fun to every lesson.

Poppy Longdon : Home Education Network

"James is a wonderful facilitator. He speaks to children with respect, makes them smile with his playful nature and empowers them to feel confident in themselves. With this method children not only get the most from their sessions with him, but also carry their new found skills out in to the world, allowing them to continue self teaching wherever they are. James has a broad and interesting skill set, including a great deal of experience teaching Technology, Arts and Spanish. He held a workshop for us at Eastbourne Home Educators focusing on the arts through technology, where we saw his skills in action. It was a group of mixed age and ability, with several students that find group sessions very difficult. We asked for feedback from the students and parents after the class and it was unanimously positive! I can highly recommend James as a tutor/facilitator and look forward to working with him in future both with Eastbourne Home Educators and my own family."  

Catherine Orbach : Co-Director, Culture Shift

Thanks James for being a regular contributor to the Creative Café. Your input is always inspirational, giving young people a real sense of the creative possibilities of working in digital media, photography and design/publishing. We really value the thought provoking activities you bring to the Café and the passion with which you communicate. I would recommend you to anyone looking for somebody to inspire young people through digital media.

Robert Proctor, CEO Audioboom

I worked with James Casey from 1996 to 2003 on various projects. His skills really shine however when transmitting complex themes. He as a truly unique skill which makes colleagues and students feel comfortable and engaged whilst dissolving any fear and sense of elitism which is often the problem with technologists. James also ran the design department at Simply Internet for 3 years and lead a team building our 3d visualisation renderings and our online portal and content. Since leaving Simply Internet, I have hired James on many elements of my recent projects including UX design, photography and consultancy.