Sharing knowledge and inspiring.

I am an teacher and facilitator specialising in Language (English & Spanish), Art, Performance, Drama, Digital Media, Computing & Media Studies. 

I specialise in dynamic and engaging teaching approaches. I bring play, improvisation, dance and drama into my sessions whilst maintaining a backbone of syllabus requirements.

This kinaesthetic approach, combined with high levels of engagement and playfulness has rendered strong results in my practice to date. I combine these approaches with a vast range of digital fluidity whilst always coming back to a thread of practical language and real-world applications.

Helping students to find their voice.

By softly bringing assertiveness training into my teaching practice, my students often find they have a voice in the world that more traditional models of teaching can often sacrifice. This is ideal for students who have a tendency to be passive in their engagements and ideal for schools that want to open the doors for their students to get out and make their mark on the world.

Digital Literacy

I also bring an extremely high level of digital fluidity to my projects. This is useful not only for the creation of material, but offers the possibility of dynamic flexibility (should a workflow fail) and allows us to shift and roll depending on the direction of the class and the project. These tools have also proved to be useful for helping other faculty members in addressing their general digital workflows and toolsets.

Experience & Qualifications

Having worked for over 15 years in education, I have experience both delivering and authoring established syllabuses and can quickly adapt and deliver material across a broad spectrum of environments. 

My qualifications include a certTESOL and have a degree in fine art (BAHons) and carry a current UK DBS. I have 15 years experience in arts and technology training in the private and corporate sector.

A native English speaker (fluent Spanish) I have worked in the UK, Spain, Australia and the USA in many roles including Art Teacher, Language teacher, Artist & Educator, Form Tutor, Mentor, Facilitator and more. 

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Subjects Taught

  • Acting & Performance

  • Composition

  • Editing and Post Production

  • Process Based Practices

  • Film Making

  • Animation

  • Photography

  • English as a Foreign Language

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Fine Art, Drawing

  • 3D Animation and Visualisation

  • Office Tools

  • Digital Literacy

Teaching Environments


Primary & Secondary

I have been working as a teacher, a consultant and freelancer in various high schools for the last 10 years

Language Schools

Teaching both English as a foreign Language and Spanish as a foreign language in the UK, Thailand and Spain


University Level

As a VL I have worked in both UK and Thai Universities with many fantastic people to discuss, facilitate and action various dynamic and rewarding projects