James Casey

About Me

I am a teacher and facilitator specialising in Photography, Film Making, Media Studies, Digital history & Language (EFL).

Using play, improvisation, theatre and digital fluidity with digital tools into my sessions, I provide students, of all ages, a fun and exciting approach to learning. 

This dynamic teaching style  can be adapted across different environments and levels and key stages.

I bring a high level of digital literacy to my projects. The first chapter of my career, I worked in development and production. This has given me a flexible, dynamic and effective set of tools which allow me to deliver and adapt workflows both for the benefit of my students and also to my peers and across departments.


Teaching Diciplines

  • Digital Literacy

I have been working in tech industries as a practitioner and as a consultant for many years and bring this knowledge into schools and businesses which set out to raise their level of digital literacy.

  • English / Spanish as a Foreign Language (TESOL)

In 2012 I qualified as a Trinity Accredited TEFL Teachers in 2012 and have worked in the UK and Spain with both children and adults of multiple languages. I have used this skill and method to also teach Spanish, which I also speak fluently as a second language. 

  • Photography

I teach all levels of photography and post production including digital and traditional. I often use these skills when teaching alternative skills including languages.

  • The History of Digital Technology

I have a great interest in the (mindful) evolution of technology and I have found that young generations can easily be engaged when shown the history of the tools which they use on a daily basis.  

  • Animation

I like to bring an element of emotional intelligence into all my work. In the UK, there is a great lack of exploration around these themes in our culture and education and I believe these themes when explored through the mindful use of play can offer students exceptionally valuable inter-relational skills which they can take into the world.

  • Film Making

I run workshops in schools and at other community locations. These workshops include various elements of the film making process which can be adjusted depending on the project. 



James Casey

Experience & Qualifications

Having worked for over 15 years in education, I have experience both delivering and authoring established syllabuses and can quickly adapt and deliver material across a broad spectrum of environments. 

My qualifications include a certTESOL and I also have a degree in fine art (BAHons) and carry a current UK DBS. I have 15 years experience in arts and technology training in the private and corporate sector.

A native English speaker (fluent Spanish) I have worked in the UK, Asia, Spain, Australia and the USA in many roles including Art Teacher, Language teacher, Artist & Educator, Form Tutor, Mentor & Facilitator.

These skills are not only invaluable in the classroom but have also been applied in the authoring and delivering of keynotes, PD's and Insets themed around the effective usage of using digital tools in the classroom.

This approach allows me to shift and roll depending on the direction of the class and the project. These tools have also proved to be useful for helping other faculty members in refining their digital workflows and toolsets.


Recent Projects

I have recently returned from 6 months in Chiang Mai where I worked with a group of young people from the American Pacific International School.

Our projects focussed on Film making and Animation